Monday, March 20, 2006

GayWired: One in Four Gays Agree... posted this article about a recent survey of gay buying habits. According the to study, gays and lesbians are more likely to support retailers with good corporate reputations than their heterosexual counterparts -- further proving the strong business reasons for marketing to this fiercely brand-loyal segment of the population.

One in Four Gays More Likely Shop at Stores with Reputations as Good Corporate Citizens

Gay and lesbian adults were more likely than heterosexual
adults to say that more than last year, they would consider
shopping based on a
store's reputation as a good corporate citizen, according to a nationwide
online survey of U.S. adults
conducted prior to the
holidays in December 2005.

Nearly one in four gay and lesbian adults (24%) said that, while
shopping for
holiday gifts, they would
consider, more than during the 2004 holiday season, to
shop at stores with
reputations as good corporate citizens, compared to only 16 percent of
heterosexual adults responding to the same question.

A majority of gays and lesbians (69%) indicated their shopping
decisions - other things being equal such as price, value or quality - would
likely or very likely be influenced by a "buyers guide" of companies whose
workplace policies objectively support equal and fair treatment of gay, lesbian,
bisexual and
transgender (GLBT)

These are several highlights of a nationwide
online survey of 2,245 adults (ages 18 and over) conducted online between Dec. 8
and 14, 2005, by Harris InteractiveR, a worldwide market research and consulting
firm, in conjunction with Witeck-Combs Communications, Inc., a strategic public
relations and marketing communications firm with special expertise in the GLBT

"Gay men and lesbians are savvy consumers and spend their money with
companies that are known for socially responsible business practices," said
Wesley Combs, President of Witeck Combs Communications. "Brand loyalty has long
been a characteristic of this $610 billion consumer segment," added Combs.

The study found similarities and differences in holiday shopping
behaviors among heterosexuals and gays and lesbians. For instance, a large
majority of both gay and lesbian adults (85%) and heterosexual adults (86%)
consider a store's "price and value" when choosing the stores they prefer for
holiday gift buying.

However, gays and lesbians are less likely to consider a store's
"advertising/sales promotions and coupons" (9%) as a reason in choosing a store
they prefer for holiday gift buying, compared to 16 percent of heterosexuals.
Another slight difference is revealed as gays and lesbians (8%) consider a
store's attention to the latest styles and trends, compared to 3 percent of

The study showed differences in the product category of holiday gifts
or gift certificates the two groups give. More than half of heterosexual adults
(52%) said they would purchase fashion items (such as clothing, shoes and
accessories) as holiday gifts, compared to 35 percent of gay and lesbian adults.
Heterosexual adults were also somewhat more likely to say they would give cash
as a holiday gift (31% vs. 23% of gays and lesbians).