Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Here in the world of gay and lesbian marketing there is a discussion going on as to which acronym we should be using, exactly. When you look at any kind of research on the subject the community is almost equally divided. Shocking. Most gay men feel that GLBT should remain as it has been for many years. Of course, most lesbians would prefer to see it changed to LGBT, as in ladies first.

Several of the larger organizations in the space, GLAAD and NGLCC have switched to using the LGBT moniker. Personally, I prefer LGBT, however, most of our clients are familiar with GLBT. So what is one to do? When marketing to a gay audience I am most interested in speaking relevantly to the gay consumer so that he/she will know that the brand we are representing "gets it". To that end we here at Merge have made the executive decision to stick with LGBT.....after all, we are lesbian owned.