Thursday, March 15, 2007

General Peter Pace

After watching the news clip several times I have come to the decision that all gay and lesbian individuals that are currently serving this administration in Iraq should stand up, identify themselves and leave. Somewhere in the vicinity of 65,000 gay and lesbian soldiers are now serving our military, and Pace has the nerve to say there is no place in today’s forces for openly gay servicemen. GREAT!! I think that is GOOD news for the LGBT community lets bring our brothers and sisters home. The double standard of this whole group of hypocritical people has worked my last gay nerve to its absolute end. I have so much anger around this topic that I have begun to set off car alarms by just walking by. Enough!

Pace and those like him have the nerve to call our LGBT soldiers immoral…..who the hell does he think he is? Who is he working for? Two of the biggest liars in the history of this country, Bush and Cheney!! If every single person that is gay stood up and walked out we would get their attention, and right quick. I am, quite frankly, sick and damn tired of the hatred, division and double standard coming from our “leaders.” Truth be told we know these people are not leaders they are nothing more than puppets for corporate greed.

As self-respecting individuals we must make decisions that support who we are. (BTW all you homos driving BMW’s, they are NOT your friend over there in Bavaria) Buy from companies that support you, work for companies that have internal by-laws that protect/respect yourself and your partner. Do NOT enlist in a military that does not even RECOGNIZE you!! You give your life and this country will not even give your partner the rightful benefits they deserve. As full-fledged citizens of this country we are entitled to every single right provided to us by the Constitution. I am sure that Bush and Co. has heard of this document, I am also quite sure he has no clue how to spell it.

I digress,…Gen. Pace and the overall military have way bigger problems to focus on than the gay/lesbian soldiers that are performing their job everyday. Lying about WMD, manipulating facts to fit the desire for war, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, no-bid contracts for Halliburton, Guantanamo, torture, etc. etc., I could go ON and ON here, but don’t want to bore. My point being, and yes I do have one, Gen. Pace and those like him need to clean their own house before casting stones of immorality.