Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Snickers - Not right on all fronts

I just watched the Snickers commercial on YouTube again and began to wonder....is it human nature to put other people down? If we make fun of one class does it make us feel better about ourselves? I mean, am I absolutely crazy to head into a meeting and have no agenda to promote myself at someone else's expense? Did these people get to keep their jobs? SO many questions and no one to answer them!

In my opinion this ad stinks from every angle, not just the homophobic one. These dudes look disgusting, you can almost smell the BO from here. What in the world is appetizing about that? That candy bar looks like something my dog Jack left in the backyard this morning. I felt my desire for food of any kind go hurling towards an open window.

Yes, this thing is homophobic, probably thought up by a group of white "straight" guys sitting in a conference room thinking that they are extraordinarily funny. I guess they have not read any of the studies that have been done on homophobia.

To make it all short and sweet, the ones that protest the loudest are the same ones wrestling with their own sexuality.